Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TV Series - Premiere - Legend of Zu - 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇

Greetings friends,

Yesterday, September 22, was the world premiere of "The Legend of Zu" or 蜀山 战 纪 之 剑侠 传奇 (original chinese title), the Chinese TV series in which I have been working on in the film studio 广东 省 珠海 市 大成中天 文化 有限公司.
My main task has been the 3D VFX, but have also worked in other fields, as 2D VFX made with After Effects.

I am proud to can show you that for first time my name appears in the credits of a Chinese series, here I show you a screenshot of it. I´m mentioned in Chinese characters as "Roberto (the Spanish)" - 罗伯托 (西班牙)

The series has had its online premiere on the QIY streaming platform, and soon will be released on television format.

Here I let you see the link QIY, and the information about the series on Douban (Douban could be regarded as the Chinese equivalent of IMDB)

I hope you enjoy it.

A greeting!


You worked on the special effects? I love the "ink brush" style effect. Matches the subject matter fantastically!! Good job. Any idea how many episodes is planned? I just finished episode 10 of season two.

Hello! I´m happy that you like it :) Yeah, I´m working in the special effects just now. By the moment I´m not sure how many seasons or chapters they had planned, but knowing that you like the series I´m happy to can say you that at least they will have more than 48 episodes, the 48 is the last one I was working on, and seems they will still shooting some more.

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