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3D / VFX Supervisor

In this site you can see my works as CGI Supervisor (Head of department and VFX Supervisor on-set)

Rigging and Animation

Experience in Advanced Rigging for Characters and Animation for 3D productions.

3D Realistic Models

Realistic Renders with High Detail for Proffesional Productions.

Subb Niggurath

Subb Niggurath - The Lovecraftian Film directed by Roberto Julio Alamo. A VooR Productions picture


Abaddon - The Dark Epic Saga by Roberto Julio Alamo.

3D Works

High Definition Renders of realistic characters. Technical knowledge in modelling, rigging, ilumination, texturing and shading.

A Fistful of Zombies

A Fistful of Zombies - The Zombie Western Shortfilm by Roberto Julio Alamo.


Design experience creating photorealistic landscapes using different Mattepainting techniques.

Anathomic Models

Anathomic fotoreallistic modelling, CG Hight Quality renders and postproduction techniques.

3D Infoarchitecture

Experience working in Infoarchitecture projects. Exact proportions based in construction plans. Roberto Julio Alamo - CG Artist - Infoarchitecture Portfolio

3D Enviroments

Experience in depvelopt 3D enviroments and digital landscapes for animation films and videogames.

Dessert Island - A Cyberspace Odyssey

I worked in this short-film with MakeandPlay Studios. This film, directed by David Alejandro Gen, is about a castaway and his adventures in his island. You can see it in the Dessert Island Website

Bill UfoHunter

Bill UfoHunter - The New SciFi Comedy by Roberto Julio Alamo.

3D Industrial Models

Creation of industrial 3D Models based in mechanical desings and engineering drawings.

3D Organic Models

Growing experience with organic characters, sculpting, modeling and texturing.

3D Models

Experience making 3D artistic models, based in blueprints, sketches, and other designs.

High Tech and Publicity

3D works and effects oriented to the High Tech and enterprises publicity campaings.


Experience working in film proyects. Special effects and plots for shortfilms. VooR Productions

Realistic CG Landscapes

Realistic 3D landscapes created with proffesional tools like Vue and Maya, and artistic Mattepainting for film productions.

3D Cartoon

Experience to design Cartoon enviroments and Characters, with 3D and 2D techniques, based in modern and traditional animation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TV Series - Premiere - Legend of Zu - 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇

Greetings friends,

Yesterday, September 22, was the world premiere of "The Legend of Zu" or 蜀山 战 纪 之 剑侠 传奇 (original chinese title), the Chinese TV series in which I have been working on in the film studio 广东 省 珠海 市 大成中天 文化 有限公司.
My main task has been the 3D VFX, but have also worked in other fields, as 2D VFX made with After Effects.

I am proud to can show you that for first time my name appears in the credits of a Chinese series, here I show you a screenshot of it. I´m mentioned in Chinese characters as "Roberto (the Spanish)" - 罗伯托 (西班牙)

The series has had its online premiere on the QIY streaming platform, and soon will be released on television format.

Here I let you see the link QIY, and the information about the series on Douban (Douban could be regarded as the Chinese equivalent of IMDB)

I hope you enjoy it.

A greeting!

Monday, September 14, 2015

TV Series - Legend of Zu - 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇

  Greetings friends,

I would like to tell you about my new job.

In recent months I've just updated my web pages due to the large amount of work we've been having. A few months ago I started working on a production / Chinese film studio, called 广东 省 珠海 市 大成 中天 文化 有限公司, originally from Beijing, but with new facilities in Pingsha, in the Chinese province of Guangdong.

Currently just completed the VFX for a new Chinese television series titled "The Legend of Zu" (Chinese title: 蜀山 战 纪 之 剑侠 传奇), whose premiere will be held on September 22, first online and then in the famous CCTV channel.

I can not now raise any effect due to the imminent release, but leave you with some official screenshots that you can find on the internet, as well as a few links which speaks of the series.

Also I leave a trailer with English subtitles:

Links of interest:

I will keep you informed of the release of the series.

Terminator Low Poly - Virtualizer


Greetings friends,

This time I want to show you the work I did for the Virtualizer of Cyberith, the innovative and revolutionary video game system that was presented at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles.
For the event I made a model of Terminator Low Poly, based on the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I feel a huge honor to have participated in the project, not only for being able to work with the team Cyberith but for the exceptional situation that occurred during the fair: The very Steven Spielberg, my favorite film director used the Virtualizer and saw my 3D model. It is a priceless opportunity.
Other Hollywood celebrities like Jodie Foster, also played with the Virtualizer experiencing this new mode introduced in video games.

Then I show some renderings and part of the evolution model.
I hope you like it:




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