Saturday, November 15, 2014

Parody - Christmas Lottery 2014 - Redemption

Greetings friends,

This time, as a christmas greeting I send from China, I want to share with all of you my own parody of the Spanish Lottery Advertisement of this year, 2014.
Special thanks to my friend Juanki Arranz, that suggested me to change the direction of the ad and turn it into something darker and demented, and so I did. Thanks to The Secession too, by the song "Search & Destroy" that sounds during the video.

Here I leave you with two videos, the original, if you do not have viewing, and Redemption version, which finished editing yesterday.

The new movie of the spanish version of Hugh Laurie, whom is a little worse for wear.

Thanks for watching and Merry Christmas.

Lottery Advertisement 2014 - Original Ad

Lottery Advertisement 2014 - Redemption Trailer

The trailer / parody has become tremendously successful among Spanish speakers, having as a result a number of articles that mention the spoof on digital media.
Below I include some of these articles urls:


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