Sunday, September 23, 2012

Judge Dredd

Greetings friends!
Today I want to show you the new model that I did: The Judge Joseph Dredd, based in the recent movie "Dreed" (2012). This movie really inspired me, I was waiting for a movie like that for a long time ago, an action movie without jokes, just telling a serious story.
I created the face based in Karl Urban, and the helmet and some pieces are like in the movie, but I decided to make another kind of armour, more big than the original.
I show you some renders and a video, I hope that you like it.

Here you can see the video about how I made the process to create Dredd, also you can see some turn arounds and other images. Enjoy it!


went to see DREDD 3D .. best movie of 2012 very Inspirational love what you have created would love to see Dredd animated
WHAT ABOUT judge Anderson please

Yeah! absolutly agree! best movie of 2012!
I´m happy that you like it. I will animate it :)
A greeting, thanks for your comment!
Looking forward for a new film of Dredd!

hi again, if you really like judge Dredd have you herd about the NEW FAN FILM JUDGE MINTY
video here
2000ad great ART,27612.3090.html
also art from DREDD3D

as you said would love some kinda animation
regards JUNOX

Hi Junox! Great news!! I´m so Dredd fan!
I didn´t heard these news! Thanks!
I have to say that the fan film looks amazing!

Seeems that Dredd was so succesfull with the shell of DVDs and Blueray, so they are thinking to make the sequel, I´m so excited by the idea!

A greeting!

yeah is this for real, a sequel , would be amazing. do you have a conirmation official from DNA
YEAH minty will be online from APRIL MAY this year ill try and get a link to you when its out
do you think youl get your 3d dredd into a 3d printer ?
found this guy who got his 3dmodel printed out

For now there is no official confirmation from DNA, i think, but the director said he think there are
a lot of possibilities to make a sequel.
I think they have to do it, after this incredible film.

The link you sent me its so amazing! the problem is that i´m not so expert about 3d printers, and i´m not sure
that my 3D model its prepared correctly to can print.
When I´ll have time I will back over the model of Dredd improving some details and modelling his motocycle :)

Hi again,
just popped back to see if you have managed to create a small animation yet for these models ?? i live in hope of seeing your ART come ALIVE !!
respect junox

Hi Junox.
I didn´t had time yet, I was working in other projects and recently I went to live to China, so now I´m adapting to the new country, but I don´t forget to make the animation, I will do it, hope that soon. Sorry by the late in the reply.

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