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3D / VFX Supervisor

In this site you can see my works as CGI Supervisor (Head of department and VFX Supervisor on-set)

Rigging and Animation

Experience in Advanced Rigging for Characters and Animation for 3D productions.

3D Realistic Models

Realistic Renders with High Detail for Proffesional Productions.

Subb Niggurath

Subb Niggurath - The Lovecraftian Film directed by Roberto Julio Alamo. A VooR Productions picture


Abaddon - The Dark Epic Saga by Roberto Julio Alamo.

3D Works

High Definition Renders of realistic characters. Technical knowledge in modelling, rigging, ilumination, texturing and shading.

A Fistful of Zombies

A Fistful of Zombies - The Zombie Western Shortfilm by Roberto Julio Alamo.


Design experience creating photorealistic landscapes using different Mattepainting techniques.

Anathomic Models

Anathomic fotoreallistic modelling, CG Hight Quality renders and postproduction techniques.

3D Infoarchitecture

Experience working in Infoarchitecture projects. Exact proportions based in construction plans. Roberto Julio Alamo - CG Artist - Infoarchitecture Portfolio

3D Enviroments

Experience in depvelopt 3D enviroments and digital landscapes for animation films and videogames.

Dessert Island - A Cyberspace Odyssey

I worked in this short-film with MakeandPlay Studios. This film, directed by David Alejandro Gen, is about a castaway and his adventures in his island. You can see it in the Dessert Island Website

Bill UfoHunter

Bill UfoHunter - The New SciFi Comedy by Roberto Julio Alamo.

3D Industrial Models

Creation of industrial 3D Models based in mechanical desings and engineering drawings.

3D Organic Models

Growing experience with organic characters, sculpting, modeling and texturing.

3D Models

Experience making 3D artistic models, based in blueprints, sketches, and other designs.

High Tech and Publicity

3D works and effects oriented to the High Tech and enterprises publicity campaings.


Experience working in film proyects. Special effects and plots for shortfilms. VooR Productions

Realistic CG Landscapes

Realistic 3D landscapes created with proffesional tools like Vue and Maya, and artistic Mattepainting for film productions.

3D Cartoon

Experience to design Cartoon enviroments and Characters, with 3D and 2D techniques, based in modern and traditional animation.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Machine Soldier


I want to show you my new model, a Machine Soldier for a future shortfilm. I created it thinking in a heavy system programmed with the puspose of load and battle.
The Machine Soldier is armed with a devastating cannon and a shovel as hand.
I hope you like the model!
Down I iclude some renders and a video of the model, include a walking cycle and a turn around.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Autodesk Certification

Greetings my friends!
This morning I went to do the Official Certification Exam of Autodesk Maya 2013 in Madrid, Spain.
From today I´m officialy a Certified Professional of the Autodesk software.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Judge Dredd

Greetings friends!
Today I want to show you the new model that I did: The Judge Joseph Dredd, based in the recent movie "Dreed" (2012). This movie really inspired me, I was waiting for a movie like that for a long time ago, an action movie without jokes, just telling a serious story.
I created the face based in Karl Urban, and the helmet and some pieces are like in the movie, but I decided to make another kind of armour, more big than the original.
I show you some renders and a video, I hope that you like it.

Here you can see the video about how I made the process to create Dredd, also you can see some turn arounds and other images. Enjoy it!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Vallenegro - Award to Best Shortfilm

Vallenegro - Best Short Film Award at the Second Winter Independent Festival of Petrópolis - Brazil

I´m proud to announce that the components of Voor Productions, we have been awarded at the festival Festin 2012 with the award for "Best Short Film" in this big bet to make known new artists in many different areas.

The II festival Festin of Petrópolis begins on July 22 and ends on August 19, allowing for numerous international and Brazilian artists in the State of Rio.
From here, I send a warm greeting and I give thanks to all who make possible this kind of independent festivals.

We have also been mentioned in other media in the country. I include a Portuguese newspaper that mentioning VooR Productions, the final poster Festin 2012, and the official trailer Vallenegro to be issued in Petrópolis, Brazil.

Thank you very much to everyone for your confidence in us, especially thanks to Petrópolis Inc.
In VooR Productions we will continue on the ball trying to accomplish more cinematográfic projects.

A greeting for everybody!

VooR Productions Team

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Festin - Independent Winter Festival of Rio de Janeiro


Greetings friends.
This time I want to talk about the II Independent Winter Festival (Festin) at Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; this festival was organized by our friends of Petropolis Inc.
I send them a warm greeting from here.

We have the honor that the day 22 of July of 2012, there will be a viewing of our horror shortfilm "Vallenegro" (VooR Productions 2007) at the Independent festival in the Brazilian state of Rio.

Next I include the trailer of the film, a poster, and the programation of Festin (in brazilian). 
I hope that all of you enjoy it.
A greeting.


-Programation Festin 2012

22 DE JULHO - SAVANA - 15:00 hrs (Classificação livre)


MALDITA - Rio (20:15 hrs)
THE KNUTZ - Rio (19:00 hrs)
SANATÖRIO S/A (18:15 hrs)
ROOTS OF HATE (17:30 hrs)
UPSIDE DOWN (16:45 hrs)
NEUTRôNICA (16:00 hrs)


Alberto Gorgojo - Madrid
Confraria da poesia informal
Digu Hang - Maringá
Dimi liberdade de expressão
Edu Pessanha
Guilherme Constantino - Sentimexpressão
Luiz Bonsaver
Marcelo Zaz
Márcio Salerno
Marcos L.Britto
Matheus A.Quinan
Renato Ras
Rodrigo Henter AK47
Sandra Vissotto
Ulysses Augusto
Victor Montes Silva
Voor producciones - Madrid

Classificação livre
Ingressos antecipados R$ 10,00
porta R$ 15,00

29 DE JULHO - ESTÚDIO S - 15:00 hrs

O VAZIO - Nova Friburgo

Ingressos antecipados R$ 7,00
porta R$ 10,00

5 DE AGOSTO - ESTÚDIO S - 15:00 hrs

BR69 - Rio

Ingressos antecipados R$ 7,00
porta R$ 10,00

12 DE AGOSTO - ESTÚDIO S - 15:00 hrs


Ingressos antecipados R$ 7,00
porta R$ 10,00

19 DE AGOSTO - ESTÚDIO S - 15:00 hrs

MARTIATAKA - Juiz de fora
PRIMÍCIA - Cabo Frio

Ingressos antecipados R$ 7,00
porta R$ 10,00

BPartes, Hypnotic, Mercúrio comunicação visual, Supremma comunicação visual, Reibrindis, Arte e rua, Eleva, Estúdio S, Leo Luthier, Grupo Solsticio, Confraria da poesia informal, Cinema360°, Lokal Studio, Apes, Feeling, Tomate Seco, Vortex, Serra Elétrica, Juventude Rock, Savana, TV Vila Imperial, Bem Cultural, Programa Plataforma, Falando Sério e CMJ.



Saturday, May 19, 2012

W.I.P. - Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

Indiana Jones logo and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Lucasfilm Ltd. This is a FanFiction Non-Commercial work created by Roberto Julio Alamo - CG Artist

Greetings. I upload this Work In Progress realistic model of Indiana Jones / Harrison Ford for my new project "Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows", a FanFilm that I was thinking to do from a long time ago.
To work in this model I used Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Pixologic Zbrush, and NukeX 6.2v. It was rended with MentalRay engine.
I´ll continue working in it and uploading new renders.



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Doktor - 3D Test

Best regards.
This time I show you my new creation: The Doktor.
Below I include some rendered frames and one video with the complete process I followed to build the character, from the first sketch to the final render, through the rigging.
I hope you like it:


-Proccess Video-

Monday, February 13, 2012

Batman - Batmobile


I still working in my project "Batman - Crime Alley"

This time I want to show you the new 3D model of the Batmobile.
To make this version of the Batmobile I based the model in three different batmobiles. The cabine, the windows and the back part is based in the classic Tim Burtons batmobile; to make the engine and the front part of the vehicle I based in the Batman - Arkham Asylum batmobile. The strong wheels are based in the Christopher Nolans "Tumbler".

Here you can see some renderings and a video:



Saturday, February 4, 2012

Batman - Crime Alley

Best regards.

This time I want to show you some progress on my new project "Batman - Crime Alley"

By the time I upgraded my old Batman and I created new textures and setting up the rigging.
Here you can see some sketches, some renderings and a Turn Arounds video:

-Sketches- (Based in Batman - Arkham Asylum concept)



I also wanted to show you that I made introductions for Batman Club of Spain:

Hope you like.
A greeting.



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