Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heptaedron - Videogame W.I.P.


Heptaedron is a game created by Roberto Julio Alamo and Jorge Hernandez Menendez.
Heptaedron is a Graphic Adventure, set in the future, in a cyberpunk world, loosely based in the novels of William Gibson. In this moment the game is in development, and we are working in it.

In the future, the world is collapsed. Big companies fight by the control of the goverment. The pollution is a big problem in the megalopolis that cover the world, and the supplies are near to end. The poverty, the drug dependency and the violence are common in this world, and Heptaedron, the most powerfull enterprise, is taking over the medical facilities.
Dyke is a young hacker that lives in the corrupted city of Mael, controlled by Heptaedron. Dyke, with a few of rebel friends, will try to fight against Heptaedron and all their tricks...

Created by Roberto Julio Alamo and Jorge Hernandez Menendez
Working with Wintermute Engine

Here i add some sets of the game. Enjoy it.


Wow es interesante ver que tambien haces modelos para video juegos... bueno rolls un saludo, y sigue adelante con tu trabajo.

Gracias por tu comentario Taurustar, me alegro de que te guste, lamentablemente hasta ahora no se ha retomado este proyecto, pero tengo la intención de volver con ello pronto :)
Un saludo!

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